Washington Metro to Google Transit: Take a Walk (or Not)

Update: Looks like WMATA has backed off and is going to be more open. The decision came after lot of local criticism at the action to not give Google access to the data. It is still not clear if the data is going to be shared for free or if Google would have to pay for it.

Original Post:Washington D.C.’s Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has told Google that it would not be giving any transit schedule data for the Google Transit service. “We decided that forming a partnership with Google was not in our best interest from a business perspective,” Brett Tyler, WMATA’s director of customer service,told Michael Perkins, who blogs at Greater Greater Washington. It is not clear if WMATA wants Google to pay them for the information. Many commuters aren’t too thrilled with WMATA’s decision, mostly because they think the transit authority’s web site is not quite user-friendly. At present, 13 major U.S. transit agencies currently share data with Google Transit.

via. Photo courtesy of Sam Ruaat via Flickr.


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