Open Thread: What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?


‘Tis the season of giving (and coincidentally, slow news days), so in that spirit, we thought we’d give you, the reader, the chance to tell us what’s on your holiday wish list this year.

What gadgets or gear are you hoping to find wrapped up and waiting for you? Are you pining for a new laptop? Hoping for a Flip HD? Lusting after a Roku set-top box (now with HD capabilities!)?

Personally, my fingers are crossed for a brand spankin’ new HDTV (hey, it’s a “wish” list, not a “likely to get” list), though I might be better off waiting a bit as prices might come down even further.

But this isn’t about me. What are you hoping for? If you aren’t already on vacation, or trapped in an airport, drop us a note in the comments.




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Lot’s of folks are finding that it’s inexpensive to connect your PC to your TV and bring the Internet into your living room. And it makes a great gift!

Stacey Higginbotham

I want a GPS system with traffic updates and a Sonos wireless music system for the house. I think I’m getting a sweater.

Average Betty

I just did a Creme Brulee video with Internet Legend, Denny Blaze aka The Average Homeboy. All of my holiday wishes have come true! :) Happy Holidays!

Alec McNayr

I’d love a 16Gb P2 card… so I never have to deal with tapes again. That’s the gift that gives year-round.

But mostly, as someone who just got back from two weeks in Uganda, I’d love for those of us in America (and in first-world countries) to fully appreciate and take advantage of the opportunities we have in front of us. We have tools, resources, and infrastructure that allow us all to make a living doing creative and engaging work. We’re so lucky!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Kevin C. Tofel

Instead of traditional holiday gifts this year, my son opted for a father/son getaway weekend with me. Clearly he’s not thinking straight. ;) We’re jetting from Philadelphia to Phoenix for the final home game of the season for the Arizona Cardinals. Yup, we’re two of the five fans not ashamed to admit it.

My hope is that we get a chance to meet a player or see something behind the scenes, since we’re trekking from the east coast. Although gadgets and gear are always nice, a unique experience during a memorable weekend is tops on my list. Oh… and for Verizon to light that dark FiOS fiber while I’m away for the weekend. They buried it back in the summer and seem to have lost the “on” switch. :)

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