Open Thread: What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

‘Tis the season of giving (and coincidentally, slow news days), so in that spirit, we thought we’d give you, the reader, the chance to tell us what’s on your holiday wish list this year.

What gadgets or gear are you hoping to find wrapped up and waiting for you? Are you pining for a new laptop? Hoping for a Flip HD? Lusting after a Roku set-top box (now with HD capabilities!)?

Personally, my fingers are crossed for a brand spankin’ new HDTV (hey, it’s a “wish” list, not a “likely to get” list), though I might be better off waiting a bit as prices might come down even further.

But this isn’t about me. What are you hoping for? If you aren’t already on vacation, or trapped in an airport, drop us a note in the comments.


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