How To Stay Connected: a Globetrotter’s List


Andy-AbramsonWhile most of us worry about where the next nearest WiFi hotspot is, extreme digital nomads are more concerned about how they’ll stay connected in the next nearest country. Andy Abramson outlines all of the many accounts and services he uses for voice and data connectivity. In the list there’s over a dozen VoIP services, more than half that number of smartphones, various cellular carriers, numerous data cards, WiFi clients, mobile Internet devices and a partridge in a pear tree. Actually, there’s no partridge nor a pear tree; there simply isn’t room in Andy’s mobile arsenal. Definitely a great reference list, although I wouldn’t want to be reviewing Andy’s expense reports any time soon. ;)

This toolbox list of connectivity illustrates something very interesting to me. While we’ll always have various choices in the tools we use for mobile technology, there’s definitely room for some consolidation. As the world’s population and economies continue to become even more “global”, I expect that if Andy made the same list five years from now, it would be far shorter.

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