Daily Sprout


Pop Goes the Green Bubble: In 2008, debt and equity finance dried up for companies with an environmental focus and a key index fell 66 percent. — Wall Street Journal

Solar Rebate Programs Running Out of Cash: Solar incentive programs in Connecticut, Maryland, and Minnesota have run through their rebate allotments sooner than expected. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Toyota Forecasts $1.7B Loss in 2009: Prius-maker Toyota Motor Corp. (s TM) said today it expects its first loss in 71 years. Analysts say cost-cutting efforts can’t keep up with plummeting sales. — Bloomberg

Testing Obama’s Vision for a Fuel-Efficient Auto Industry: While the bailout will give the President-elect a tool to push the auto industry toward efficiency (a change he’s demanded for years), the economic downturn will test his resolve. — New York Times

Neighborhood Solar Mapping with Google Earth: Engineering company CH2M Hill is partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy to create online solar maps of 25 cities in the U.S., using Google Earth to map solar energy potential rooftop by rooftop. — Time

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