Daily Apple: Flash, Code-Fueled Rumors, Netbook Guide, Fonts, & Book-Banning


Flash Comes to (Jailbroken) iPhones (Sometimes) – Not, probably, what most people are looking for in terms of Flash on the iPhone, but if you’ve already jailbroken, it might be worth a look. Apparently buggy, but provides more Flash than the current, non-jailbroken iPhone does, that much is certain.

iMac, Mac Mini Rumors Get a Little More Backing – This recently unearthed evidence is probably a heck of a lot more dependable than unnamed sources. It comes from code strings from the version of OS X currently running on new Macbooks, and it refers to iMac9, 1 and Macmini3, 1. Current models are referred to as iMac8, 1 and Macmini2, 1. Apparently they’ll use the same Nvidia chipsets as the unibody Macbooks.

Brew Your Own Apple Netbook – In case you don’t believe the hype that we may see a netbook at Macworld, and/or you’re just tired of waiting, 9to5Mac posted this handy compatibility guide. Not that we advise this sort of funny business, but if that’s how you roll, hey, that’s how you roll.

Better Font Management – I’m not a huge fan of Apple’s own native Font Book application. Yes, it’s far better than the Windows control panel, but it could be better. Better like Fontcase. The program is now in a limited beta, but you can get access by signing up for the developer’s newsletter. Not too steep a price.

Apple Bans Book – Just when it looked like they were lightening up, what with all the farting you can now emulate via your iPhone, they go and ban a book. The reason for the book’s rejection was “objectionable content”, since it contained an f-bomb. The book is a detective thriller written by CNET reviewer David Carnoy called “Knife Music”. Yes, that is really what it’s called.

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