Can Palm Be Saved by $100m and Nova?


palmlogo1Normally, I vote with my dollar in terms of mobile technology. If there’s a promising technology that will fit my needs, I invest. Unfortunately, my dollars are far more limited than those of Elevation Partners, a private equity firm that just added $100 million into the capital coffers of Palm. We already know that Palm will be showing some “new-ness” at CES and we’ll be there to see the anticipated Nova operating system in January.

James, Matt and I touch upon Palm & Nova in the next podcast episode, which is due out shortly. You’ll hear more when that happens but my belief is that Nova has a long-term chance to save Palm while the $100m infusion acts as a short-term lifeboat. If Palm can use Nova through an innovative approach like making it a seamless environment used on both long-running smartphones and netbooks, I think they have a shot. Om points out that Palm could use another life-line in the form of a partner since AT&T has Apple while T-Mobile is working with HTC and Google. One thing’s for sure: we’ll know more in a few weeks once we see the “new-ness”. Until then, we can dream of $100 million investments, continue voting with our own dollars and cast ballots in this poll:

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I would have voted for “Rim will buy them” and though RIM should.
Everyone I know who had a palm either bought a blackberry or thinking of getting one.
No one – I mean not a single person I spoke with in the last year or so said they will get another Palm.

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