Live blogging test


This is a test of live blogging from the iPhone in preparation for our CES trip. :)


James Kendrick

Last year with the Advantage I typically posted photos with a line or two of commentary. I can see the same with the iPhone with little trouble.


James, do you find the keyboard on the iPhone comfortable enough to blog (typing enough comments)? Or are you primarily planning to snatch photos and post them? I’d be curious to learn how this fares in comparison to your live blogging with the HTC Advantage of CES 2008.


Actually, I see it’s got a faint off-white highlight now, but very hard to notice against the white background.


Glad to see the stockings are hung with such care!

BTW, you might wanna look into adjusting the CSS styles for your posts so they have the yellow highlight again. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Jake, I’ll be taking my DSLR to complement the quick hit, gadget paparazzi shots. ;)


Can’t wait guys, get to that Sony stand. And take it easy this year.


I see you’re going to carry on the tradition of taking poor quality photos at CES :)

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