Where To iPhone App Acquired by FutureTap

Many of you will be familiar with the iPhone application Where To which provides a quick way to find points of interest around you (whether you’re looking for food, places to shop, fun things to do or a whole range of other options). The application has been available through the App Store since day one, and generated significant success on account of the intuitive user interface and simple execution.

Recent months saw the developers of the application, Tap Tap Tap, struggle with personal problems and reach a decision to sell their flagship application to a new developer. The new owner has recently been announced as Ortwin Gentz, the founder of a new iPhone software company called FutureTap, who purchased Where To in a transaction worth $70,000.

Ortwin has worked previously as the CTO of Equinux, a company famous for their development of Mac applications such as iSale — a two-times Apple Design Award winner. FutureTap today commenced operations by relaunching Where To in the iPhone App Store.

The developers behind Tap Tap Tap were cautious about who they sold the application to. John Casasanta states:

Without a doubt, Ortwin was the highest person on my list of potential purchasers. I still care about the app and I didn’t want to see it just fade off into oblivion, especially if it was acquired by a competitor who could potentially kill it.

Because of his past experience, Ortwin clearly understood what it would take to make things work out with Where To. And he seemed prepared to put in the necessary effort to do so.

Ortwin also feels that Where To is a great starting point for FutureTap, stating:

We’re excited to have Where To, the best point of interest app for the iPhone, back in the App Store. The launch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is just the beginning of our efforts to go international. And we’ve some exciting new features in the pipeline.

It’s great to see that the sale and transfer of Where To has been a successful process, and FutureTap seem like a company able to further develop the features of the application in the future. The latest version has added new features such as German localization, new categories and brands. Where To now includes over 600 of these, making it easy to find whatever you’re looking for without having to type in search terms.

Version 1.5 is available starting today in the iPhone App Store and is being sold for $2.99. If you are interested in the details of the transaction process, more information is available from both Tap Tap Tap and FutureTap.