Vid-Biz: UMG, YouTube, Apple Sued

Universal Music Making “Tens of Millions” from YouTube; between YouTube and other streaming sites, company has gone from making nothing on music videos to nearly $100 million today. (CNET)

YouTube Responsible for 25 Percent of All Google Searches in the U.S.; if it was on its own, YouTube would be the second-biggest search engine. (TechCrunch)

EZ4Media Sues Apple Over Apple TV; patent violation suit centers around Apple hiring three employees — Nick Kalayjian, Bruce Edwards and Wendy Goh — a year before the set-top box was introduced. (Information Week)

Gay Star Trek Episode Goes Online; long-buried script originally written (but rejected) for Star Trek: The Next Generation revived, updated and turned into a fan film webisode. (io9)

ManiaTV Launches BarBeQuay; new web series starring Jonah Ray is a talk show that takes place at parties he throws where the guests answer questions through comedic performances. (MediaWeek)

Zwick and Herskovitz Still Planning quarterlife Season 2; Herskovitz says a series needs 1 million viewers per episode to erase the divide between Internet and TV. (Variety)