Sprint’s First Android Handset to be a Samsung?

googleandroidWe already knew that Sprint was planning to offer an Android handset but things apparently got held up and pushed back. Back in June, there was word that the process was slow going as Sprint intended to develop carrier-branded services to complement the native Android functions. Perhaps Sprint is making progress since Korea IT News is reporting that Sprint will have an Android handset in the second quarter of 2009. We’ll have to check in the carrier and at the Samsung booth at CES because the handset will be made by Samsung.

If the reports are correct and the phone looks good, T-Mobile customers will be happy as well. A version of the Samsung handset is expected for T-Mo folks as well, making for an option to the G1. Considering that Samsung makes some slick devices like the Omnia and the BlackJack II (how can you argue with the Consumer Reports top pick?), I think they’re among the few companies that can make a very compelling Android device.


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