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Qwest Prices Go From Insane to Merely Pricey

Qwest (s Q) this week said it would lower the price of its 20 Mbps broadband service to $59.99 per month — a drop of 40 percent from its prior $99.99-per-month price tag. But before we get all excited, let’s be real. Qwest’s original prices were not in line with other options out there for 20 Mbps. Comcast (s cmcsa) charges $62.95 for its Ultra package with 22/5 Mbps (soon to be upgraded to 30/5 Mbps), and Verizon (s VZ) wants $52.99 for  20/5Mbps and $64.99 for symmetrical 20 Mbps service. Cox charges users $59.99 for its premier tier, which ranges in speed from 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps uplink. So yay to Qwest for realizing that its cash-strapped customers could use a break that broadband providers in other areas of the country were already offering subscribers.

5 Responses to “Qwest Prices Go From Insane to Merely Pricey”

  1. Qwest has probably the worst service ever here in Seattle. I moved away from them to Speakeasy which offered great performance but their prices were (and still are) ridiculous ($149 per month for 15mbps…yikes!). Currently with comcast and get a steady 13-20 mbps with a 2-3mbps upload for $66. Problem is their reliability isn’t great (let’s not talk support). To be honest, I don’t recall Qwest’s prices ever hitting $99 here though but I haven’t checked recently. Pity Verizon can’t come to the Seattle metro market (only available on the east side, bellevue, Kirkland, and a few others).