Dell Smacks Down Apple's Green Claims

Greening product lines and reducing carbon footprints is clearly a point of pride for tech companies — so much so that it’s got Dell’s (s DELL) competitive juices flowing. In the wake of Apple’s (s AAPL) claims that its latest Macbook is the world’s greenest notebook, Dell decided to do an Apple smackdown on its blog this morning. “Apple hasn’t stated any goals, just made claims, which as far as we can tell, are not accurate,” writes Dell V-P of Communities & Conversations (nice title) Bob Pearson.

Ooh, harsh. Pearson says that the blog post is a reaction to the fact that some of the Dell folks were “surprised and perplexed” after seeing Apple’s new green laptop ad and decided they wanted to have a discussion about “the real meaning of being green.” Apple is skipping important green actions and goals, he writes — such as offering free recycling for consumers or making its operations carbon neutral, both things Dell has done — and instead touting green ads. In his own words:

We don’t recall Apple joining the conversation about the environment, either via key conferences or the blogosphere or via reporter meetings…Don’t skip this step and go right to ads that may not even be truthful…We wish Apple would be more bold in making a difference rather than making ads. If they do both, then fantastic, run all the ads you want.