Daily Apple: Wal-Mart, Crime Fighting Clouds, Lots of Gas, 3D Investments, & Snow Leopard


iPhone Confirmed For Sale at Wal-Mart on Dec. 28th – It was the rumored date, and now it’s the confirmed date. Wal-Mart will officially begin selling Apple’s iPhone in their stores across the U.S. on December 28. The confirmation comes via Bloomberg, who called multiple retail locations to ask about the start date.

The Cloud Fights Crime – One lucky iPhone user was able to track down the vile criminal who stole his Apple handset. The thief, unaware of MobileMe syncing, was adding his own contact information to the address book, leading the original owner to the culprit via his friends.

14 Fart Apps. One Day. – How many flatulence applications can you approve in one day? 14, apparently. As with the landscape email bottleneck before it, this is clearly an example of a decision made at Apple HQ that yes, Pull My Finger was acceptable, as was anything else along those lines. Those stinky, hilarious lines.

Apple Invests in Imagination – Imagination Technologies, that is. Apple is a licensee of their trademarked PowerVR technology, which is behind the 3D chipset for the iPhone and iPod touch.

More, Better Snow Leopard at Macworld – Apple Insider is reporting that Steve Schiller will use a portion of the keynote at the upcoming Macworld conference to show off an improved version of Snow Leopard, the newest installment of Mac’s OS X. The source of the information is anonymous sources cited by UK’s Guardian. Not the most solid ground, but then again, showing off a refined version of an OS everyone knows is in active development wouldn’t exactly be an earth-shattering move.



So do the farting apps not violate the offensive content section 3.3.12 of the SDK agreement? What else can we get away with? Are they lighting up on this?

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