Connect360 or Rivet for Xbox 360 Media Sharing?

I use my Mac for a fair number of things, and one of those is sharing media with my Xbox 360.

Ever since I got my Xbox 360 a few years ago I wanted the feature of streaming media to the machine, one of the rare instances when I was left wishing for a Windows PC. Soon after Connect360 saved me by offering exactly what I needed and expected.

Connect360 gives you the ability to stream all of your music, movies, and photos from your Mac to your Xbox 360 over a wired or wireless connection. Share your iTunes playlists, WMV+WMA, H.264 and MPEG4 video files, and your entire iPhoto library. However Connect360 is not the only option when it comes to sharing media between the Mac and Xbox 360. Rivet is a new contender in the ring offering many of the same features as Connect360, and a few extras.

The two programs are very similar in nature; however there is one small feature that sets Rivet apart. Rather than Connect360 projecting a flat list of media when viewed on the Xbox 360, Rivet replicates the file and folder structures on your Mac. Connect360 does not have this small feature and I didn’t know what I was missing. It makes browsing your files on your Xbox 360 a breeze, which is a huge plus when faced with as many media files as I have.

I demoed Rivet for about a week and didn’t notice any exemplary features aside from mimicking the folder structure of my Mac. At $18.95 Rivet does come in a bit cheaper than Connect360’s $20 price tag. Rivet is a solid product at a solid price point, but the only real advantage in my opinion is the dollar cheaper price point. Is this enough to make me want to pay for a new program? I would not purchase Rivet for my own personal use simply because I have used Connect360 for some time, and dropped $20 on it, and I don’t feel Rivet has any additional features to warrant me buying what is essentially the same program. However I will say this is only because Connect360 jumped the gun and was sharing media a few years prior to Rivet and if the roles were reversed, I would say that Rivet is an extraordinary product and would recommend it to anyone looking to share media for their first time.

What is your preferred method for sharing media with your Xbox 360?