YouTube Goes Wide, Adds HD Section


YouTube is making it easier to find and enjoy HD content on the site. The video-sharing giant has launched an HD section, where you can browse videos uploaded in the high-definition format. Once you’ve found a video you want to see, clicking on the “Watch in HD” link brings up a really widescreen player (see below). YouTube is also making it easier to upload HD content with a new FAQ.


If you think this is cool (and come on, it is cool), check out what YouTube HD looks like on a big TV.

YouTube also announced new sections on the site devoted to news, music and movies. From the YouTube Blog:

The news page will be populated with breaking stories from around the world as well as news drawn from the Google News service; music will feature rising videos alongside playlists dedicated to different genres; movies will showcase some of the most popular short and full-length movies on YouTube today.


Neno Brown


Check to see if your ISP is throttaling you mate, they have been doing this ever more frequently, especially with the recent advancement in the use of HD ;0)


We used the Neuros LINK to watch content directly on a HDTV at Neuros HQ and it works great. Nice addition by YouTube.


Connection is fine…still same problem today, can view non HD vids fine in the HD section but not HD vids


Just tried to look at it, but in HD mode all I see is either a black screen or whirling purple streaks of light! Have tried firefox and safari on my mac. Can hear the audio though!

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