People Prefer Streaming Over Downloading

Good news for Netflix (S NFLX) and Hulu — new data from Ipsos MediaCT shows that people are more interested in streaming longer-form content like movies and TV shows than downloading it. The Ipsos research found that for U.S. Internet users 12 years and older, 17 percent had streamed a movie and 25 percent had streamed a TV show in the past 30 days vs. 11 percent who downloaded a movie and 11 percent who had downloaded a TV show during the same time frame.


When it comes to purchasing, the ability to “own” downloaded content and move it between devices is being trumped by concerns over storage and high prices, as digital downloads often cost just as much as DVDs. Given the choice, Ipsos found that 59 percent of respondents would just prefer to have a physical copy. This desire to cling to shiny discs was echoed in a Deloitte study issued last night, which found most people were still interested in buying physical media. Ipsos suggested studios lower the price of movie downloads as incentive for more people to try them out. Cheapskates everywhere agreed.


We’re still on team streaming’s side. Who needs to own anything when we could have it all on tap in a magical video cloud? Based on Ipsos’ research, Netflix is on the right path with its subscription streaming service. The research found that people would pony up $5-10 a month for unlimited video streaming service.