Free Desktop Sharing, Minus the User Limit

The other day I wrote about TeamViewer, which is a very quick-to-use and simple solution for online desktop sharing, including sharing desktops between PCs and Macs, although fees are imposed for commercial use. ScreenStream which bills itself as “screen broadcasting software” is another completely free solution in this space that some web workers may want to consider. In order to show remote users what’s going on on your desktop with ScreenStream, you need to be running Windows, but users on Mac and Linux systems can instantly view your desktop via a browser.

Here is how it works.

ScreenStream is a very quick download. NCH Software, the company that makes it, says it offers the application free in the hopes that users will try some of their other collaboration software options. When installing ScreenStream, you get a promt from the installation wizard about which products you’re interested in, but you can just not check any boxes to move past the prompt.

Once installed, ScreenStream gives you a dashboard like the one seen above. Unlike full-blown online meeting and remote access solutions, this one is mainly for the person who wants to show someone remotely how a process works, or walk quickly through a presentation. Also unlike many of the free online meeting applications, there is no limit on the number of viewers you can invite. By contrast, Yugma, a popular online meeting application, limits you to 10 participants in its free version.

There is optional audio streaming with ScreenStream, so participants don’t have to be on the phone to listen to you as they view your desktop. If you want to share your desktop with a large group of people who are going to be on various platforms, it’s a very quick, simple solution without any fees. For more features in this type of application, Dimdim, Yugma, Yuuguu and other free applications are what I would reach for, but they don’t let you reach huge numbers of people in their free versions.


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