Print Round-Up: More Newsquest Cuts: Wiltshire, Wales Affected; Irish-Language Paper Shuts


Newsquest Wiltshire: Gannett’s UK division is merging two local newspaper offices, cutting six jobs and inviting two editors to apply for one job, in the latest moves in a broader efficiency push by the unit. The Wiltshire Times and the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald are to be merged into one operation and 10 jobs across the two will be merged into four. These are weekly paid-for newspapers with a combined circulation of more than 40,000 — if they had been free titles, would Newsquest have simply shut them as it did when it closed the 11-strong Citizen series in Lancashire this month? From HTPF.

Newsquest Wales: As part of an 11th-hour deal between the National Union of Journalists and management at Newsquest’s West Wales titles, four reporters have agreed to work fewer hours to avoid redundancies on 11 papers including The Milford Record and The Western Telegraph. Ballot papers on a strike action were to be sent out to staff over the compulsory loss of one journalist’s job due to a restructuring — but that redundancy as well further cuts have been avoided and the union has stood down its strike threat. Newsquest plans to shut its Milford office and move Recorder staff into the Telegraph office. Via

Lá Nua: Northern Ireland’s only Irish-language newspaper Lá Nua, which ironically means “new day”, will print its last copy tomorrow (Friday) after 25 years of publishing and will shut at the end of the year, making eight staff redundant. The paper’s publisher, Máirtín

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