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Why wait for Apple? Create your own Hackintosh

geardiary_hackingtosh_05-500x375There is something about a small MacBook that gets everybody in a dither.  Since the appearance of the first netbook a bunch of smart folks have spent a lot of time getting OS X to work on them, even without Apple’s help.  Not that we approve of such antics, that one time that OS X got on Kevin’s netbook was a real mystery as it just appeared overnight.  Honest.

Judie of Gear Diary is one of those smart people who just recently discovered OS X and has gone through a couple of MacBook Airs.  When a MSI Wind crossed her path recently she realized she missed OS X so she did what many others are doing, she created a Hackintosh.  She’s detailed how she did it and lets us know how it’s working for her so check it out and see how she did it.  Take that, Apple.

UPDATE: credit where credit is due, just found out this conversion was done by Dan Cohen of Gear Diary.  Sorry folks.

11 Responses to “Why wait for Apple? Create your own Hackintosh”

  1. NetbookGeek

    Yes, it is possible to leave the XP partition. My Wind is set up to allow me to boot into XP and Mac OS X. Audio works through the speakers, though not through headsets. Wifi works now, too, thanks to the release of the drivers last week.

  2. For the people who have tried it:

    Did “quartz extreme” work for you?

    Were you able to boot on battery?

    By the way I think Apple should endorse this. I have a much higher opinion of OSX after getting a hands on with it. The commercials were actually turning me into an Apple hater.

  3. ArchiMark- You are correct, the fact that it can be done is not news. What is news is the fact that

    a. thanks to the hard work of a lot of people it is now relatively easy to do

    b. the release of a wifi driver for os x as of a few days ago means no hardware change is required

    c. the combination of a and b means that more and more people are putting os x on their Winds.

    and d. while I would still love to see Apple come out with a device somewhere between my iPhone and my MacBook I’ve now got my ‘tweener regardless.

    Best of all, I’m really amazed at how well it works and how completely stable it is.

  4. ArchiMark

    Actually, this is very old news….

    I got a Wind a few months back after they first came out and put OSX on it by following instructions on MSI Wind forum…….

    Worked great and did freak people out to see a small MacBook…..