Why wait for Apple? Create your own Hackintosh

geardiary_hackingtosh_05-500x375There is something about a small MacBook that gets everybody in a dither.  Since the appearance of the first netbook a bunch of smart folks have spent a lot of time getting OS X to work on them, even without Apple’s help.  Not that we approve of such antics, that one time that OS X got on Kevin’s netbook was a real mystery as it just appeared overnight.  Honest.

Judie of Gear Diary is one of those smart people who just recently discovered OS X and has gone through a couple of MacBook Airs.  When a MSI Wind crossed her path recently she realized she missed OS X so she did what many others are doing, she created a Hackintosh.  She’s detailed how she did it and lets us know how it’s working for her so check it out and see how she did it.  Take that, Apple.

UPDATE: credit where credit is due, just found out this conversion was done by Dan Cohen of Gear Diary.  Sorry folks.