We’re back and better than ever!


We warned you we had some back-end stuff going on last night and that the ability to leave comments would be compromised. We are happy to report the work is over and with the exception of some minor cosmetic things you should be seeing us again and you certainly can leave comments again.

The site looks pretty much the same as it did before this work began and if you didn’t know it you wouldn’t believe that this minor downtime saw a complete switch over to the WordPress platform.  It’s a tribute to the crack technical staff at GigaOM that we completely changes platforms and yet our site looks the same as before.  That was the #1 goal with the switch and they did an awesome job!  If you encounter any minor issues with the new site please send Kevin or I an email and let us know.  Stand down and surf away!


Kevin C. Tofel

Sumocat, you caught a minor issue with our old feed, but it’s fixed now. No need to use the platform generated feed unless you want to. Thanks for pointing it out!


I like WordPress, I just started my new blog with it and it’s so customisable it’s insane.

I’m sure it’ll work out well for you guys


Hooray WordPress!! :)

I hope it’s 2.7 though… 2.6 was awful, lol.

Anyway, great work to all involved!


Looks like your feed URL changed. I missed this and the other posts from today. Had to visit the home page to update the feed.


I think the Favicon still needs updating. Didn’t you have your own before? I can only see the default WordPress one. Apart from that it’s a good smooth upgrade, very impressive.

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Mark! That little smiley is actually me. We found a way to embed me DIRECTLY into the site. In the future, we’re hoping that I can interact with readers and discuss mobile tech right from the screen. ;)

Mark Ty

Congrats on the successful upgrade!

BTW, whats with the little smiley at the bottom of the page?

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