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MTV’s College Humor Show Will Be Scripted

Update for readers: We’ve got more information along with an interview with The CollegeHumor Show’s director in an updated post here.

First, Heidi and Spencer; now, Jake and Amir.

The College Humor Show was announced today as part of MTV’s slate of new series. But contrary to reports, while it is based on the popular web site, it is not a reality show.

It was described in Variety as a show “which takes viewers inside the frat-like offices of the web’s” and by The Hollywood Reporter as “a look at the ‘offbeat’ workplace of the twentysomething-run web site” But it struck us as odd that a site so good a creating successful original comedy shorts for the web would go the reality TV show route, so we sent CHTV writer Dan Gurewitch a note.

Turns out we were right. In an email, Gurewitch wrote that: “[T]he press release is a bit misleading — it’s a scripted, narrative comedy show that takes place in our office, starring the CH staff, and occasionally cuts to outside sketches. We’re really excited!”

Here’s a video sketch announcing the show:

20 Responses to “MTV’s College Humor Show Will Be Scripted”

  1. I am a fan of jake and amir, but this college humor show is just terrible. It is not funny at al, you can tell they were trying way to hard. But thats what happens when MTV gives you a shit ton of money and a deadline I suppose. Also, way to many different directions, how many people are writing this damn thing? If Jake and Amir were given a TV slot and both had full control of the writing like there current online show, It would be amazing. I hope the college humor show doesn’t damage there future careers.

  2. Seriously, This show is HORRIBLE, if its not axed after 4-6 episodes I will be shocked….much like human giant(a show of stupid sketch comedy that IS NOT FUNNY), this is an awful show

    Remember how much 24/7 was hyped? no one remembers old Frankie Delgado from the Hills/Bromance was one of the tools on that show, the rest went off and started the tool acadamy.

  3. I’m a huge fan of CollegeHumor and have been visiting the site for over six years, and I think this show is terribly unfunny. Stick to Internet, guys. Still glad to see them on TV, though, but still.

  4. Wow…this show seriously sucks…it’s not even funny…I can’t believe MTV invested in this show. The characters try way to hard to try to be funny. I will never watch this show again and it definitely will not be on the air for long…

  5. ok… i like the potential here. good production quality. and somewhat entertaining (but sorry, it’s not laugh out loud and a bit too predictable )

    ill keep my eyes on it