Microsoft Releases IE Patch for Browser Exploit


microsoft-ie-logoIn case you missed it yesterday, news hit of a serious browser exploit in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with regards to remote code execution. And it wasn’t just the latest version of the browser used by the majority of computer users, but prior versions as well. The good news is that alternative browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari aren’t subject to the issue. The even better news is that Microsoft already has a patch available for download according to Lifehacker.

If you’re running IE 5.01, 6, or 7, you’ll want to grab the update direct from Microsoft and put your mind at ease. And commence comments of “No, you should switch to [insert browser name here]…” in 3, 2, 1… GO! ;)


Kevin C. Tofel

Bart, this exploit affects 90% of people that use the web in a browser. The post is more of a public service to make sure those folks are aware of the magnitude of the issue and more importantly, get it fixed.

Firefox has had some recent vulnerabilities, but auto-update settings will patch those. It impacts far fewer people and therefore isn’t as news-worthy IMO. In the case of IE 5.01, IE 6, and IE 7, folks need to pull the download or wait for Windows Update to grab it.


as usual, you lame-ass apple fan boy. no mention of the vulnerabilities found in Firefox over the past few days, huh?

par for the course with you guys and the rest of the MS-hating world.


Personally, exploit or not, I’ll be waiting 72 hours for the “OMG, we need a patch for the patch” announcement.

Kevin C. Tofel

Ugh… you didn’t follow the directions. You were supposed to put “No, you should switch to” before the word Firefox. ;) Sigh…

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