Jobs is out: Apple netbook is coming at MacWorld


jobs-and-airWord is everywhere that Steve Jobs is not going to make one of his famous keynote addresses at MacWorld in a few weeks.  Speculation has run rampart covering the spectrum of supposed reasons for Jobsy’s absence citing his health to his imminent retirement.

We have a simpler take on this news and it’s nothing sinister.  We’ve been calling for an Apple netbook for a year and we believe that this call has not fallen on deaf ears in Cupertino.  We believe that netbooks have become such a big player in the notebook market that Apple realized they simply must produce one of the smaller netbook devices.  Sure it will be patently Apple, cool design and a bit more expensive than other netbooks but they can’t ignore this market any longer.

Jobs made it clear he couldn’t do the netbook thing so we think others at Apple told him they had to do it.  Jobs stuck to his guns saying no to the nascent netbook market so he’s out.  Tossed to the curb.  Hanging out behind the Moscone Center.   It’s sad to see him go this way but let’s face it, netbooks are everything.  Just spin around the web and you have to agree.

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Actually, there’s a rumour afoot that one of the chief reasons Pixar and Disney were playing well together is so Stevo and Walt can share a canister of liquid nitrogen together, while Disney has supplied an amimatronics version of Jobs for trade shows.

Seems that a recent upgrade to Leopard 10.6.5 caused problems for the virtual Jobs – it works better, but has now realized its hardware is no better than anyone else’s and has refused to attend Macworld in a fit of pique.


Netbooks are actually pretty common these days, on the UW campus at least. Not as popular as the MacBook or anything, but you can usually see more than a few if you walk through the library or the cafeteria.

T Man

No1, backdating is something that Apple is very familiar with.

James, that is a pretty big prediction. I think if they were to do a netbook style device, it would be an iPod Touch with a bigger screen, faster processor, and revised OS. Or it’s going to be a $700+ iBook.


Yep, the guy who runs Apple with an iron fist and as his personal fiefdom and has through that made the company wildly successful has been run over by his cowed, yes-men underlings. I can totally see that happening. Uhhuh. Yessirree, that is it, JK has hit the nail on the head on this one. ;)

Wait… is this april 1st? Did I miss Christmas and nobody told me?


@Lava: So, the “No Netbook” actually means that they haven’t figured out how to change the resolution in OS X yet?

Or that they haven’t yet come up with a viable plan to extort money using… erm, sell wonderful apps in iTunes?

I believe that the “No video iPod” statement was closer to “we don’t have the money printing machine… erm store ready to support video, and besides we still want you to buy at least half of the refreshes of the iPod, so just buy it now! It won’t be obsolete in 6 months! Honestly! (* The last statement is in fact backdated one year :-)”


Apple netbook – not. Netbooks will be the death of many a PC companies. They are selling in the millions, sure, but only by cannibalizing sales of full-sized notebooks. This will become clear in another year’s time when companies like Dell will realize they’re selling millions of netbooks but revenues are cratering and profits have disappeared.

As for the “Steve Jobs said no video iPod ever” – please get real. What Steve said actually said was very nuanced, i.e. that there was no market for portable video iPods at the time. And it was true, because iTunes didn’t have a real movie or TV store.

But of course, overexcited anti-Apple fanboys took Steve’s statement as an ultimate declaration, which is why this whole idea urban myth of “no video iPod ever” is still being floated around.

Only people who misunderstand Apple could possible think it’s a great idea for Apple to release products ahead of their time. I think Newton shows what happens when you do that (even though Steve wasn’t even at Apple at the time).

Which is closely related to the misguided enthusiasm on this site to mistake netbook sales with a profitable business model.


Hmmm…. if you cross a netbook with a Newton, do you get a Newtbook?



I think they are definitely somewhat of a fad on certain websites ;) Maybe I am hanging out at the wrong coffee places, but it’s very rare that I see a netbook (usually it’s my own HP 2133).

If we went by what folks in coffeehouses are using, we’d all be using $399 Best Buy Toshiba specials and old Macbooks. :)

yet another steve

That’s insane.

Steve Jobs once famously decreed that ipods would never add video.

Look at them now.

And compared to the iPhone, netbooks are quite a small deal.

Plus “don’t know how to make it” really means “we’d like you to buy things we have for sale today, not things still in the labs.”

I think Jobs not making the keynote means no big product announcements.


With all the cool Apple patents that have surfaced over the years, this had better be a genre-breaking device. Bring back the excitement of the Newton!


james, if you are correct and an apple netbook comes out at macworld i will tell everyone i heard it here first. i love the mac os as ive tried it at the bestbuy B&M on multiple occassions. unfortunately due to the high price tag ive never been able to afford a mac. with the introduction of this netbook i will most definitely get a one. heck, im still enjoying my eee 701. right now im shouting from the mountaintops I CANT WAIT FOR THE apple NETBOOK!!!


> Maybe in a year everyone will be using
> netbooks, or maybe they’ll just be a passing fad.

I think they are definitely somewhat of a fad on certain websites ;) Maybe I am hanging out at the wrong coffee places, but it’s very rare that I see a netbook (usually it’s my own HP 2133).

Eric S. Mueller

While it’s plausible that Apple could fire Steve Jobs again, I don’t consider it likely. Maybe he’s just tired of doing these things. It’s possible that he’s finally grooming a replacement. Maybe in the current economic climate, Apple doesn’t consider the Macworld tradeshow worthy of it’s time and attention anymore. There are plenty of reasons why Steve Jobs won’t give the keynote that don’t involve his health or imminent second firing. We all know Steve Jobs is a visionary. He took a lot of flack for taking the floppy drive away on the iMac, but how many of us can buy a new computer with a floppy drive anymore? I figure his refusal to do a netbook might be part of his vision. Maybe in a year everyone will be using netbooks, or maybe they’ll just be a passing fad.


So wait, I’m confused… it sounds to me like you’re suggesting that (although they’ll cite “health” as a reason for his “retirement”) they’re ousting Jobs (AGAIN!?) because of his refusal to do a Netbook?

Wow. Now that’s a rumor!


Did Jobs say Apple couldn’t do a netbook, or they couldn’t do a decent $500 netbook? Perhaps a $700-$800 Apple iNetbook is in the works?



You’ve been reading my totally unbiased and completely without-proof ravings that I’ve posited here and elsewhere!


Still, it would not surprise me in the least to find that Jobs had thrown a wobbly and refused to play nicely if others second-guessed His Smugness and produced a device (say, a netbook) without his interference – uh, consent…


yea, i’m pretty curious to see what they offer too!

who knows, if its priced in my netbook sweetspot ($400 to $550) range, i’d consider picking it up and throw vista on it too. :P

i’d personally like to see a touchscreen version; so far i’m loving my touchscreen kit on my msi wind. :)


It will be interesting to see what they will unveil. A traditional netbook would be boring, since you can already install OSX on dozens of netbooks. They could be original by using the touchpads in the new macbooks. I just don’t think Apple would settle for less than a full size keyboard, so I think if they were to make a netbook it would look like the Dell mini 12(again, boring).

I’m betting on a MID type device with the Atom Z proc.

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