Jobs is out: Apple netbook is coming at MacWorld

jobs-and-airWord is everywhere that Steve Jobs is not going to make one of his famous keynote addresses at MacWorld in a few weeks.  Speculation has run rampart covering the spectrum of supposed reasons for Jobsy’s absence citing his health to his imminent retirement.

We have a simpler take on this news and it’s nothing sinister.  We’ve been calling for an Apple netbook for a year and we believe that this call has not fallen on deaf ears in Cupertino.  We believe that netbooks have become such a big player in the notebook market that Apple realized they simply must produce one of the smaller netbook devices.  Sure it will be patently Apple, cool design and a bit more expensive than other netbooks but they can’t ignore this market any longer.

Jobs made it clear he couldn’t do the netbook thing so we think others at Apple told him they had to do it.  Jobs stuck to his guns saying no to the nascent netbook market so he’s out.  Tossed to the curb.  Hanging out behind the Moscone Center.   It’s sad to see him go this way but let’s face it, netbooks are everything.  Just spin around the web and you have to agree.

NOTE: the opinions of this writer do not necessarily represent those of anyone with half a brain.


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