Control your desktop with your iPhone with new LogMeIn Ignition


logmein-iphoneNo matter how big a geek you are there is something remarkably cool about controlling your desktop computer from your phone.  LogMeIn has long been one of the premier providers of remote access software and services and they have just released LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone.  This app lets you connect to a computer using the iPhone and interact with the desktop screen just like you were sitting right there.

Of course the screen is a lot smaller on the iPhone but LogMeIn squeezes it all to fit but lets you pinch and zoom to your heart’s delight.  I can see this as a boon to the IT professional who frequently needs to log onto someone’s computer to fix a problem.  LogMeIn Ignition also works on the iPod Touch.  You can pick this program up through the App Store but it will set you back a cool $29.99 making it one of the most expensive iPhone apps we’ve seen.


Remote Control Software

I had a reasonably usable experience with remote software on the iPhone, but it was pretty short of anything I would call ideal. I think the iPad will actually be the piece of hardware that shows how valuable these programs can be. It’s large screen, 3G network and more powerful CPU should be enough to show a really strong representation of the accessed computer.


Seriously considering getting an iPod touch (or a touchscreen pda/smartphone) that I can use Logmein with. I haven’t tried other remote desktop software/applications, though, because I think my work computer is configured in such a way that I can’t connect through Windows RDC. I’ve tried enabling remote connections, but it still doesn’t work.

Not sure what differs between Windows RDC and Logmein (since Logmein works and RDC doesn’t), but that would be why I would consider forking over $30 for the app. Sure, the others might be free, but if it doesn’t work w/ my desktop, what’s the point…

I kind of want an iPhone (since I don’t see myself walking around carrying both a cellphone and the iPod touch) but don’t want to pay for the $30 data plan from AT&T, especially since I would only connect via Wi-Fi. (Well, for phone calls, I’d use the GSM network, obviously, but not for connecting to the internet).


I would like to see Microsoft develop a Live Mesh app for the iPhone or Touch.
I think it would be great to have two way access. I am sure it wouldn’t cost 29.99 either.


I have purchased this app and it is well worth the price, if you need the access. We run a small AM radio station and sometimes need to be able to login and control the computers remotely when we produce sporting events or if there is a problem. Our station’s automation equipment is running on WIN200Pro, sadly too old to be supported by logmein, but it IS supported by gotomypc. All of the newer computers have logmein on them, but the two older ones have gotomypc – so if I need to control one of those, I use the iPhone app to control the iMac in the studio, open a browser and go to and open a session to the automation computer. works like a charm through TWO vnc’s!! If you need to be able to get in from just about anywhere, get the app!

James Tenniswood

Why not suggest using winadmin app, does the same thing using the windows remote desktop feature, and only costs $12

Joe LaGreca

Has anyone tried this app out? Are there any reviews on it? I’m considering purchasing, but since it’s so expensive, I’d like to know that it will work well before I fork over the money.

Jon M

That “theme” is XP Home Media Center. You can get something similar with the Windows Embedded desktop theme just google search it. I prefer the Zune (black and orange desktop theme) theme myself.

Jim Thompson

There’s also an iPhone app called VNC Lite that will let you control your Mac, PC, or linux box using the VNC protocol. It’s a bare-bones client without any fancy features, but it’s free, and it works. On the Mac/PC/Linux side you’ll need to run a VNC server; I prefer TightVNC.


sweet! but let me ask this out if anyone has or will try it!

I’m happy with my Winmob device, but hey tech geeks like their toys and with Ipod touch pushing in on the game scene on nintendos ds/dsi and the psp I’ve seriously been thinking of getting an Itouch and doing away with my nintendo ds.

so how would this function or would it?
itouch with app, in a wifi spot? and better yet a 3g wifi solution such as the pocket mifi coming out or WMwifi routher on a wm device?

1st is it truely workable? or is the screen to small thus clumbsy?

2nd with the 3g wifi solution to much lag? or does it all flow like one would hope.

man one device that was a good gaming portable, a work access point to and didnt look all childish…..

i think our society is coming to a point of evolution and success never experienced before.

lets just hope a falling economy won’t ruin it with sub par products and companys cutting strings back to far to invest into research and development to keep pushing thing to the way I… i meant WE want them!

no but seriously if you could do a review on the 1st two questions that could be cool.


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