8.9-inch Lenovo S9 Netbook Arrives (at the Wrong Price?)


lenovo-s9-netbookIs the 10-inch Lenovo S10 a mite too big? Fear not, you can now order the slightly smaller Lenovo S9 but don’t expect a much smaller price tag. Laptoping sees that online retailers Buy.com and Geek have the S9 up for ordering, with prices starting at $344.99. This is right on the heels of the S10 seeing a $50 price cut bringing it down to $349 for starters.

So aside from the overall size difference, which isn’t that much, what how do these two netbooks compare? That smaller S9 has the same 1024×600 resolution but on an 8.9-inch screen instead of a 10.2-incher, for starters. Both models come with the same 1.6 GHz Intel Atom and 512 MB of RAM standard, but similarities start ending there. The similarly priced S9 opts for a 4GB SSD module and Linpus Lite for the operating system, while the S10 offers an 80GB hard drive and Windows XP Home. Given the similar pricing, I have to believe that Lenovo will offer the S9 directly at a lower price, say around $300 to $329. I’m not suggesting that folks won’t buy an S9 at $345, because they might want a smaller unit with an SSD module. But the majority of folks still buy on value, i.e.: price and specs. From that standpoint, the S10 is a better value for most at these prices. Even the kitten on the S9 is sad about the similar price point. He’ll find a home much easier at $300.

Update: Brad from Liliputing just pointed out another reason why the kitten looks so sad. He mentioned that the S9 is the same overall size as the S10, just with a smaller screen and bigger bezel. ;) I’m also wondering: since the S9 was never intended to be sold here, perhaps there’s an import premium that’s affecting the price?



It true any thing over that resolution Microsoft will not give a xp license and force them to include a vista license. It wouldn’t be so bad if it did not come with all that crapware. I got 10% to 15% performance increase after installing just a fresh crapware free version of vista VS the original XP install.


Its Microsoft that doesn’t want screens bigger than 1024 across. That’s why the HP Mini 1000 dropped the WXGA screen of its cousin, the Mini-Note 2133.

Kevin C. Tofel

Bruce: you might have answered your own question. If they used a higher resolution display, it would probably cost more for the unit due to the higher priced component. It could also be the Microsoft ULCPC requirements for usage of XP, but that’s speculation on my part.


I love laptops this small but I hate the screen resolution. Why don’t they make the screen WXGA 1280×800? Then they would sell like hotcakes at $349!

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