8.9-inch Lenovo S9 Netbook Arrives (at the Wrong Price?)

lenovo-s9-netbookIs the 10-inch Lenovo S10 a mite too big? Fear not, you can now order the slightly smaller Lenovo S9 but don’t expect a much smaller price tag. Laptoping sees that online retailers Buy.com and Geek have the S9 up for ordering, with prices starting at $344.99. This is right on the heels of the S10 seeing a $50 price cut bringing it down to $349 for starters.

So aside from the overall size difference, which isn’t that much, what how do these two netbooks compare? That smaller S9 has the same 1024×600 resolution but on an 8.9-inch screen instead of a 10.2-incher, for starters. Both models come with the same 1.6 GHz Intel Atom and 512 MB of RAM standard, but similarities start ending there. The similarly priced S9 opts for a 4GB SSD module and Linpus Lite for the operating system, while the S10 offers an 80GB hard drive and Windows XP Home. Given the similar pricing, I have to believe that Lenovo will offer the S9 directly at a lower price, say around $300 to $329. I’m not suggesting that folks won’t buy an S9 at $345, because they might want a smaller unit with an SSD module. But the majority of folks still buy on value, i.e.: price and specs. From that standpoint, the S10 is a better value for most at these prices. Even the kitten on the S9 is sad about the similar price point. He’ll find a home much easier at $300.

Update: Brad from Liliputing just pointed out another reason why the kitten looks so sad. He mentioned that the S9 is the same overall size as the S10, just with a smaller screen and bigger bezel. ;) I’m also wondering: since the S9 was never intended to be sold here, perhaps there’s an import premium that’s affecting the price?


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