Palm’s software store is (finally) open for business


PalmstoreWell that was quick and slow at the same time. Just yesterday, I penned some thoughts about Palm’s Nova announcements coming in a few weeks at CES. One of those predictions, admittedly not much of a stretch, was that Palm would follow Apple and Google by launching their own application store. Turns out that Palm quick did just that last night. It’s also slow because Palm practically invented the smartphone market earlier this decade, but is now playing follow the leader, which usually isn’t good.

Palm should have leveraged their vast array of in-house and third-party applications long before this as they had a clear, competitive advantage. Namely, the number of Palm OS titles and smartphones on the market as early as 2002… anyone remember the Treo 180? Now Palm has over 5,000 applications (over 1,000 are free), which Venture Beat notes is half that of the Apple’s iTunes App Store and ten times more than Google’s Android Marketplace.

Numbers and strategies aside, Palm’s store is here now and available for download. The company has partnered with PocketGear, a long-time handheld software vendor; I haven’t yet seen any details if developer terms are modeled after that of Apple and Google.

Update: Mobile Crunch indicates that developers will see 50% of software sale revenues, which is far less than Google, Apple and even RIM are offering.



This is really a non-story. All it is is a web link that gets installed to your applications menu.

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