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Macworld 2009 to Be Apple’s Last

Today, Apple announced that the upcoming Macworld Expo (Jan. 5-9, 2009) will be the last Apple attends.

On Tuesday, January 6, Phil Schiller will give the opening keynote and, according to Apple, it will be the last keynote given at a Macworld.

Apple says that trade shows have become a “very minor” part of their marketing efforts and as such they are scaling back on their attendance of such events.

Each year the Macworld Expo is practically the Mecca of Apple users with Steve Jobs giving a keynote that both satisfies and blows rumors out of the water. With Apple no longer attending Macworld events, I would imagine that attendance to the events will dramatically decrease as many users and journalists make the trip primarily to find out what Apple will announce.

On top of that, the fact that Phil Schiller will be the primary person delivering the keynote, as opposed to Jobs, is a new source for rumors in itself. We’ve written about a world without Jobs before, but this seems to solidify the company’s position even more.

What are your thoughts? Would you attend a Macworld without Apple?

26 Responses to “Macworld 2009 to Be Apple’s Last”

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  2. In the beginning MacWorld was a chance for me as a consultant/integrator to meet and talk with not only product managers but the actual developers of products and technology with the possibility of affecting their design and future. Many years ago it became a trade show, with hardly more than sales types, and that’s when I stopped going. I think it’s just a natural evolution of the business, certainly for us old-timers a disappointing change and ultimately a loss none-the-less. I’m more concerned however, about the no-show of Steve Jobs. Whatever the reason, I hope he’s in good health and continues his stewardship over Apple. Would hate to see them become another Microshaft… (ooops, did I say that out loud?)

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I attended from 2005-2007, and covered MWSF for a blog I wrote for (well, before I wrote for this one for a couple months over the summer); if it wasn’t for that I’m not sure if I would have gone more than once. In general I can think of better things to do with my time than spend all day at a trade show. *shrug*

  4. pdferguson

    Well, I’m beating Apple to it. After having attended every MacWorld since it began, I have decided not to go this year. The past few years have gotten progressively more pathetic; I have begun referring to the event as “iPod Case World”. I used to spend a whole day (or more) going through the exhibits, seeing all the cool new products. Last year I spent an hour. Definitely not worth the $45 admission (or even the $25 advance rate).

  5. reinharden

    I think the timing of MacWorld has become increasing bad from Apple’s perspective.

    So much of Apple’s business is driven by consumers — especially with the iPod, but also with the Macintosh and now also the iPhone.

    And having a trade show that expects new products two weeks *after* the biggest consumer spending frenzy in the world just seems like bad timing. Apple needs to pop new hardware out *before* Christmas.


  6. Gotta say this is pretty sad. As a developer I always thought that someday I would be at a macworld. Too bad. It is a very historic thing to drop. Many things important to apple’s history have been at MacWorld.

    I guess this is just another example very similar to Apple giving their “history museum” to Stanford.

  7. How can be one of the most popular tech trade show play a minor role in Apple’s marketing? The publicity it gets there is worth millions! My bet is that they will return in short order especially as the recession gets nastier and all companies cut down on marketing.

  8. I haven’t seen much reason for MacWorld over the past 5 years. Most of the interesting companies have already stopped going to MacWorld.

    The Apple booth hasn’t been that interesting as you can more easily go to an Apple store to see a new product. It has to be a large resource drain for Apple with little return.