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New Fuel Cell Swaps in a Cheap Nickel Catalyst for Platinum: Researchers in China have developed a membrane material that allows cheaper metals to withstand the acidic environments of fuel cells. It could be the beginning of the end of expensive platinum catalysts. — Technology Review

Green Companies Bleeding Red in Bad Economy: Europe’s carbon market has tanked, corn ethanol has gone bust, and T. Boone Pickens has put renewable energy investments on hold. Are we watching a “green bubble” deflate? — Newsweek

New Global Agency to Act as “Voice of Renewables”: When the International Renewable Energy Agency launches next month in Germany, it will be the first worldwide agency dedicated to promoting renewable energy. —Science and Development Network

Auto Companies Planning Community Outreach to Boost EV Demand: Financial incentives aren’t enough to drive mass adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. GM is considering a “geek squad” to install charging boxes, and other companies are seeking community involvement to make EVs more desirable and convenient for consumers. — CNET

Don’t Bet on Recession Lowering Emissions: Despite the gloomy economic forecast for 2009 (and the usual lockstep between GDP and emissions), annual growth of greenhouse gas emissions will likely slow only modestly next year. — Guardian

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