Calling for Submissions for Green:Net Startups!


Does the notion of using the tools of computing and the Internet to fight climate change capture the essence of your new business plan? We hope so — it’s a hot area right now, especially after the credit crunch whacked certain other more capital-intensive cleantech projects (clean power generation, biofuels, carbon capture, electric vehicle production) in the knees. When it comes to innovations like cell phone applications that track your carbon footprint, a sensor network that makes lighting buildings more efficient, or a web site that can empower behavior changes in energy consumption, the green revolution will be led by do-gooders armed with networked gadgets, coding chops and web site design skills.

At least we think so. So we’re dedicating an entire day to the intersection of energy and technology with an event called Green:Net on March 24th 2009 in San Francisco. And one of the most exciting parts of the day is that we’re going to unveil 10 startups already focusing on such an intersection. Do you think you should be among the 10? If so, apply now! Green:Net startups will present their ideas on stage, in front of hundreds of industry insiders, investors and members of the press. Whether you’re a fresh-faced student working on an innovation in your university lab program or a gray-haired entrepreneur that cut your teeth on the dot-com boom, we want to hear from you. Don’t miss out.



would be wonderful if you could do a webinar for international readers?

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