Nokia And Motorola Dominate China’s Smartphone Sales; BlackBerry Bold To Launch In Korea

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imageApple (NSDQ: AAPL) and RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) may be eating into its share of the smart phone market in developed markets, but Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is still king of the smart phone in China, where its third quarter share of sales reached an overwhelmingly dominant 69.3 percent, according to a new research report from China research group CCID Consultancy.

Nokia does especially well, CCID found, as the handset maker has a product offering that spans the low, mid, and high tiers of the market. There was also good news for the embattled Motorola (NYSE: MOT), which has the second largest share of the Chinese smartphone market, cornering 19.9 percent of Q3 sales. Motorola does best with the mid-range of the market. The combined share of the two companies accounts for nearly 90 percent of smartphone sales in China. In third place, was local handset maker Dopod (4.7 percent), followed by Korean electronics firm Samsung (2.5 percent).

As for the actual number of handsets sold, the figure was 7.474 million, staying mostly flat (up 0.6 percent from the second quarter). Sales revenues in the third quarter hit 18.17 billion yuan ($2.65 billion), up 4.5 percent from Q2. Smart phone sales accounted for 19.3 percent of total mobile phone sales in China.

CCID expects China

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trio leon

no.1 Nokia
best of the best, not only smartphones, but other S40 devices as well. Nokia FOREVER!!!

no.2 Samsung
not talking about the Omnia, but Samsung has certainly made lots of great phones recently. Pixon, Soul, Inno8 etc etc……

no.3 LG
with so many well-designed phones (especially slider) and touchscreen phones, LG is THE NEXT BIG THING.

no.4 Motorola
dropped from no.2 to no.4, its quite pathetic at first, but no worries for Moto fans, I believe the brand is still strong in some regions…. come out with something cool before its too late!!

no.5 Sony Ericsson
from the early T610i until the K810i launched not long ago, SE simply can't make a damn improvement on the directional stick…. claimed to be the best in cameraphone with Cybershot? MY ASS….. even the LG Viewty, Nokia N82, Samsung's 5mp/8mp (and many more) are much better…. claimed to be the best in music with Walkman gimmick? MY ASS….. users can't even see any 3.5mm jack in all previous models of SE Walkman phones….. W980i? nothing special….. C905? worst…..

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