AP Reporters Withhold Bylines In Protest, Management May Withhold Stories


imageAfter all the recent challenges to its wire service that have been creeping up lately, now the Associated Press has a labor action on its hands. As the AP and its employees negotiate over a new contract, the Newspaper Guild-Communications Workers of America have called for a “byline strike” on behalf of the 1,400 AP staffers it represents Sunday, E&P reports.

While no one is walking off the job, some of the reporters are starting to ask that their bylines not appear with stories as a protest. In a memo obtained by E&P, Senior Managing Editor Mike Silverman has told editors and staff to honor those requests. The current contract gives reporters the right to prevent the use of their bylines. But he added articles that contain anonymous sources must carry bylines. Stories without the reporter’s name will be held, Silverman said.

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