The World Is Flat — and Mobile

Thanks to the rising number of mobile phones around the world — and likely a loss of fixed lines — the number of international calls made to cell phones has reached about 45 percent of all international phone calls, according to research firm TeleGeography. The firm found that about 30 percent of international calls originated on mobile phones. Also, the number of international minutes is rising. In 2007,  international voice traffic reached 343 billion minutes, and is estimated to climb to 385 billion minutes for this year.

More minutes doesn’t mean more money, though. Globalization has been followed by programs offering cheap international minutes using various VoIP servicesWi-Fi to make calls and other options. These also contribute to more international calls on mobiles. This means the deflationary pressure on pricing is going to continue — especially since most of the big spenders own smart phones and now have cheaper options.