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MSI Wind netbook gains WiFi drivers for Mac OS X


When I installed Mac OS X on my MSI Wind, one of the key missing features was the lack of WiFi support. Some folks opted to replace the Realtek 802.11b/g module with a compatible one, but I opted to use my EV-DO adapter for connectivity. GottaBeMobile notes that some forum members are circulating an OS X driver for the Realtek WiFi module and confirm that it works. The driver doesn’t cause OS X to see the hardware as an AirPort card, but apparently, you can still configure the WiFi and get it working. I still have the test version of Windows 7 on my MSI Wind so I haven’t tried the solution, but I did download it for later use.

Bear in mind that the driver is coming from Realtek, not MSI, and that this will always be an unofficial driver since it’s not coming directly from Apple. As a result, it’s unlikely to be supported in case of issues or problems. Somehow that never stops me from tinkering though.

10 Responses to “MSI Wind netbook gains WiFi drivers for Mac OS X”

  1. Good work, Kevin! How is the performance of OS X on the Wind? I’ve tried looking up information but there isn’t much out there. Able to watch videos? Multi-task? Multiple-tab web browsing? I’m going to go ahead and assume that Photoshop is out of the question. Anyone have any info on overall performance? Thanks!

  2. Kevin, I am shocked, SHOCKED that you don’t just have multiple hard disks with the different operating systems for your Wind, so you can quickly install this driver and tell us first-hand how well it works ;)

    I am really tempted to replace my HP 2133 with a Wind and install MacOS. For some reason, I have the feeling that the MiniNote is getting slower every day. The hard disk seems to never stop rattling. And yes, it’s running XP.

  3. @welund,

    I just sold my MSI Wind for a Fujitsu P1620. The keyboard on the Wind is roomier because the chassis is larger (10″ screen as opposed to 8.9″ on the 1620).

    That said, the keys on the 1620 are the same size,which is one problem with the Wind. On the Wind, the period, comma and / keys are smaller than all other keys.

    Personally, I like the 1620 better, but the Wind was a good netbook. It runs Vista really well with 2GB RAM.

  4. Gack, of course it was James. Sorry about that. I write now primarily (having given up on coding for the time being) and I don’t want to have to lug my Macbook around, but I don’t want to waste the trip writing-wise.

    Sounds like a Wind would be perfect, though – I have small hands too. Now I’ll see if I can scare up $400 for the 6-cell. Thanks!

  5. Hey Kevin – you still enjoying your Wind then? How would you say the keyboard compares to your P1610? I’ve been looking at carrying my 1510 on a long business trip and wondering if I should be looking at a (much cheaper) Wind instead.

    Glad to see WiFi is supported now – makes me much more likely to put OSX on if I buy it.