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Bill, T. Boone Push for Efficiency: Former President Bill Clinton’s foundation plans to partner with the Arkansas state government to retrofit buildings and improve efficiency, and T. Boone Pickens has just launched a new campaign for energy efficiency. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Australian Emissions-Reduction Target Draws Fire: Environmental groups say Australia’s new plan for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions 5 to 15 percent by 2020 is so unambitious and business-friendly that it “could herald a new era of pollution protectionism.” — Sydney Morning Herald

Hemlock Semiconductor to Invest $3B to Expand Polysilicon Production: Hemlock Semiconductor and its joint-venture partner Dow Corning plan to invest $3 billion to build new polysilicon production facilities in Michigan and Tennessee. — EETimes

Elon Musk Talks About Going Green: The Tesla CEO said he’s not “too hardcore about being green” because it leads to a constrained life. But once the elusive Model S sedan comes out, he promises to hand in his Porsche Turbo. — Popular Science

Greek Power Plant to Use SolFocus Concentrated PV: SolFocus will help Greek renewable-energy developer Samaras Group build a 1.6-megawatt power plant in Greece using concentrated photovoltaics. — Wall Street Journal