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Current Picks Rotten Tomatoes for TV Show

rotten_tomatoesRotten Tomatoes and Current are partnering to create a new TV series based on the famous vegetable-centric movie review site, the two companies announced today.

The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current (yikes, that’s really an… unimaginative title) will be a half-hour show aired weekly on Current TV and distributed on and From the press release:

In addition to the latest movie news and information, each irreverent episode will feature crowd-sourced rants and best-of lists influenced by the viewers. “The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current” will also include the famous Tomatometer, bringing Rotten Tomatoes’ unique metric based on aggregated critic ratings to TV for the very first time.

There aren’t many details about the show yet, such as when it will launch or exactly how much interactivity will be a part of the show (maybe live Twittering?). But this move is in keeping with Current’s shift to a cross-platform strategy that will roll out early next year.

In November, Current went through a round of layoffs as part of this strategic move and said it was launching channels that would have both a TV show and a web presence. The company is reportedly moving away from the shorter-form “pod” programming to more traditional half-hour shows.

Wonder how this one will rate.

5 Responses to “Current Picks Rotten Tomatoes for TV Show”

  1. I know like 5 people who got laid off at Current, and it’s disappointing to see the network come up with this lame idea instead. Really? A snarky movie review show? Not interesting…