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Interview: New GM Denise Warren: Tip-toeing Into Aggregation

imageAs if heading advertising for the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) Media Group wasn’t tough enough in this climate, Denise Warren is taking on the role of GM of as the site fends off increased challenges from competitors and the economy. Warren has been chief advertising officer of the NYT Media Group for three years and has been with The New York Times Company for 20 years.

As she settles into the GM job vacated by Vivian Schiller, who exited after being named CEO of NPR, Warren tells paidContent that she plans to plow ahead with a number of the’s experiments with social media (with blogging and widgets, for example), despite the economy. She says she is particularly bullish on recently unveiled Times Extra feature and the current beta test of Times Widgets, which lets readers create custom apps for RSS feeds from various news sections.

More on her new combined role, and Times Extra after the jump.

While the NYTCo has more plans along those lines, Warren concedes that the economy will likely force the company to scale other experiments back a bit. “One of the unfortunate things about this downturn is that you can

7 Responses to “Interview: New GM Denise Warren: Tip-toeing Into Aggregation”

  1. Ms. Warren seems like a capable sales executive. Does she have the technical depth to keep up with the thousand moving parts on the technology front?

    We've compiled over 200 software platforms, like Times Open, that have opened their treasure trove to software developers. (see Even the technical geeks in Silicon Valley can't keep up with the changes. How does a busy executive with multiple responsibilities do the same? and make the right strategic choices?

  2. digital bear

    yahoo, google and microsoft ought to buy the nytimes, washington post and tribune company, put them in a national trust with editorial requirements (give reporters story count requirements balanced with investigatory pieces) and let the three internet giants compete on packaging. it is the newspapers only hope.

    what is more amazing is that the nytimes hasn't cut more people– they should be cutting by 25-30% of the staff and become more efficient across functions…

  3. this is an industry in transition. how else can you explain getting more readership than new york times?

    what this venerable news source needs is a path towards premium monetization for it's premium content.

    that needs innovation in technology and marketing. not a sell sell sell leadership. bad choice, NYT.

  4. Another ad-sales pro to head a major premium content site! As if advrtising money could pay for the entire www! Or maybe Ms Warren will look beyond ads? She talks about aggregation and widgets and a "new monetization" approach. WIll she consider a pay-as-you-go model? It would be perfect for Time Extra. Please Ms Warren, enough of this google-mania and PCMs! There are other, perhaps even better ways of selling content.