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Solar Panel Demand Strong in 2009: Report

Research group The Information Network predicts that:

”The solar panel market will reach only 7.1 GWatts in 2009, equivalent to a global growth rate of 26 percent, down from a 48 percent growth in 2008….’Panel prices will likely fall between 20-to-30 percent in 2009 as global supply of polysilicon doubles.”


The demand for solar panels is going to keep increasing. As wireless networks spread to remote parts of the world, a large number of telecom equipment makers are using solar panels to power repeaters, cellular base stations and other parts of the telecom infrastructure.

Among other drivers, the incoming U.S. administration‘s eco-centric policies are likely to help keep the demand for alternative energy technologies, such as solar panels, steady.

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4 Responses to “Solar Panel Demand Strong in 2009: Report”

  1. Does that price decrease tell us what will be happening at the consumer retail level?

    Frankly, aside from blogging about all this, I have a basic plan ready for PV panels for our home – as soon as costs get near my budget, that is.