Google Not Turning its Back on Net Neutrality


In response to an earlier story in The Wall Street Journal, Google (s GOOG) offered a clarification and reaffirmed its stance on network neutrality and pointed out that they are not backing away from it. They have dismissed the WSJ story as confused. Instead, they explained that the OpenEdge effort (the subject of the WSJ story) was a plan to peer its edge caching devices directly with the network operators so that the users of those broadband carriers get faster access to Google and YouTube’s content. Read my full take on this situation and why it’s an important discussion over at GigaOM.


Neno Brown

Opt out before opt in

Thats freedom of choice, this is a virtual monopoly.

Sounds evil to me.


I still think that google has every right to get what info the can about us…After all they’ve made our lives soo much easier!! Even though adsense compensates for this I still think they have every right to go ahead with it

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