What 3rd party monitors work well with new MacBooks?

Samsung_24_incherI have decided that I am indeed going to sell my 17-inch MacBook Pro and use the new aluminum MacBook as my primary computer.  To do that I will need to connect a big monitor to the MacBook at the desktop so I can have plenty of screen real estate.  I ordered one of the new Apple 24-inch Cinema Displays last week for a number of reasons, primarily because I knew it would work well with the Mac.  The display was back-ordered and wouldn’t ship until next week and yesterday due to second thoughts I canceled that order.

The more I thought about the high cost of that Apple display the harder it was for me to justify paying it.  There are many third party monitors available today that sell for less than $400 and it’s just lunacy to pay $900 for an Apple-branded monitor.  So I canceled the order and now I’m looking for a good alternative.

I have already spotted a number of good candidates online with Samsung leading the pack.  They have a number of models, all under $400, that look like good monitors.  I definitely want a 24-inch monitor and I would prefer to get one that I know will work well with the new MacBook.  What I need from you are your recommendations.  I am especially interested in hearing your thoughts on any monitor that you are actually using with a new MacBook or MacBook Pro/ Air.  That means you are using the monitor with the mini DisplayPort on the new Mac.  So let me hear your recommendations.  I need to get this going before the holidays so I can settle down and concentrate on good times, not gear.


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