iMuffs Wireless Headphones for iPhone


Wi-Gear recently announced a new revision of their iMuffs Wireless Headphones, with full support for the the iPhone. The new iMuffs support iPhones, iPod nanos, iPod touch, and all iPods with a dock connector, have improved Bluetooth range and improved radio interference rejection. This helps to remove interruptions from microwaves, Wi-Fi, and other stray radio sources (giving an overall clearer sound).

The headphones function up to 40 feet away from your iPhone (in a obstacle free environment), and allow you to keep your music player anywhere within Bluetooth range of your ears.

One major downside is the fact that the in-built Bluetooth capabilities of the iPhone are not accessible to developers. This means that the iMuffs require an additional dock adaptor to send the audio signal. It would have been far more aesthetically pleasing if Wi-Gear were able to utilize the on-board Bluetooth.

The headphones are very light (at 2.2 ounces), sport a behind-the-neck design, and contain integrated buttons which allow you to pause, rewind, adjust volume and change tracks right from the headset without touching the iPhone. You can also answer incoming calls directly from the headphone using the integrated microphone, with the same automatic music suspension that you get on your iPhone when a call comes in.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, they provide 20 hours of playback on a single charge. It’s possible to recharge them through the USB port of your computer, or via the included travel charger.

Previous reviews have noted that audio quality from older iMuffs models was average to good, as would be expected from any Bluetooth headphones. However, if you’re looking for a wireless set of headphones along with a microphone for your iPhone, these would seem to be your best bet for now.

iMuffs are available directly from Wi-Gear for $149.99.


Robert Ameeti

It would be really nice if this review were to be updated as I now think that the adapter would not be needed since Apple’s update to a later version of the firmware which negates the need for the adapter. Reviews should always note the date of the review so that people can at least put comments in their proper perspective relative to when they are being read vs when they were written.


I have a basic question: is there any company thats makes Wireless Headphones with Mike capability also, which can be used with the iPhone 3G?
Basically something that combines BT functionality with wireless headphones, which works for both music and phone?


Can I use my Sony dr-bt22 bluetooth wireless headset with an adapter with my i-phone? If so,which one?

Adams S.

Neat review of iMuffs Wireless Headphones.

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David Appleyard

I’m aware that the Bluetooth support on the iPhone isn’t full featured – which is a shame. Had they been able to use on-board Bluetooth (were it allowed by Apple), there’d be no need for the obtrusive dongle.


Surprisingly, iMuffs were pretty much the only reasonable looking/wearing BT headphones out on the market a few years ago. Although, not completely hideous by comparison, I thought by now, they would have modernized them.

Dave is completely right.
There’s a bunch of forums out there regarding Apple’s lack of support for Bluetooth stereo devices and AD2P. It’s very sad, since 10.5.x at least supports BT stereo. I own Sony’s DR-BT22 headphones. They’re BT v2.0, so I assume they’re better the prior BT v1.1 devices when it comes to receiving true stereo sound. However, they’re especially sensitive to wireless interference, such as my Aiport and computer when Bluetooth is active (using a BT mouse). The sound is at least decent, or at least on par with Sony’s entry level headphones.

I guess that’s why this iMuffs headset must use that obtrusive BT dongle. Pretty sad, no thanks to Apple.

When Steve (Jobs) says the iPhone is built on the same Mac OSX, I gotta ask, “Which version of OSX?”


“It would have been far more aesthetically pleasing if Wi-Gear were able to utilize the on-board Bluetooth.”

Um, numnuts, Apple still has crippled BlueTooth support on the iPhone. It ONLY supports mono BlueTooth headsets. This is one of the stupid things of BlueTooth. The ad you read just says “BlueTooth”. You need to dig through the technical specs of each device to find out what parts of BlueTooth actually are enabled. Surprisingly, Apple seems to support the least number of BlueTooth features while still technically having BlueTooth.


Seriously? This thing is hideous and more importantly, huge.
There are much better solutions out there e.g. Sony’s BT8iP, Ifinxx, bluenext to name just a few.

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