Joost Connects With Facebook


Web TV platform Joost launched its Facebook Connect integration this morning, allowing users to log into Joost using their Facebook account. Once in, users can see all of their Facebook friends that are on Joost, interact with them, find out what they are watching and watch with them, as well as receive Joost notifications through the social networking site.


Facebook Connect went live last week, and has a host of partners that have agreed to use it, including video sites Hulu (s nbcu) and Howcast (which has implemented its Connect). According to Facebook, users who log into partner sites using Connect have a roughly 50 percent higher engagement rate when compared to non-Connect users (though Om calls this “marketing hocus-pocus”).

This continues the opening of Joost, which went to a download-free, all-Flash version of the service in October, and follows hot on the heels of its iPhone (s aapl) app, which launched in November.



How does the privacy issue work here? Does Facebook know what I watch on Joost now? Does Joost know who all my Facebook friends are now?

Danny Simpson

Hm – Joost really seems to have gotten back into the game… first out with Facebook connect, and last week I think they were first to get the iPhone app out, too.

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