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EU Strikes Deal for Weakened “20-20-20” Climate Package: EU leaders made concessions to polluting companies and countries to win a consensus on reducing emissions by 20 percent by 2020. As an environmental advocate from WWF put it, “A flagship EU policy now has no pilot, a mutinous crew, and numerous holes in its fuselage.”– NYT’s Green Inc.

Big Three Bailout Rejection = Big Blow to OPEC: Senate Republicans’ balking at the planned auto industry bailout has poured “more fuel on the pyre of collapsing demand” for oil. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Tech Companies Leading Pack on Climate Change Governance: IBM and Dell rank among companies earning top marks for actively addressing the risks and capitalizing on the opportunities of climate change in a new report from the nonprofit Ceres. — GreenBiz

$186M for Renewable Energy in South Korea: South Korea’s government plans to invest $186 million in clean energy development projects by LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor Company, Samsung SDI, and other firms in an effort to boost economic growth. — Clean Edge

Plug-in EVs in Intel’s Future?: Former Intel chairman Andrew Grove is pushing the microprocessor-maker to consider manufacturing advanced batteries for plug-in electric cars. — Wall Street Journal

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