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Daily Apple: More Clones, More Stark, More iPhones, More Flatulence, More Organized

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EFi-X USA To Begin Shipping OS X-Friendly Computers – That’s EFi-X USA. Not to be confused with EFi-X, which has nothing to do with the new doppleganger. Except that they’ll offer the EFi-X dongle for sale with their new, OS X ready PCs, which are high-end, powerful computers. They won’t actually be installing OS X, but they’ll probably still end up in court.

Iron Man On The iPhone – It may have missed the movie, and the DVD release, but there’s now an Iron Man game on the iPhone. It definitely looks more fully developed for the wait, compared to rushed promotional products like Joker-fier that accompanied the Dark Knight’s release.

NanoPhone? – Site iDealsChina reports a new iPhone, which they’re claiming will be the oft-speculated “NanoPhone”, is no longer speculation, but cold, hard fact. They claim production on the things begins on the 20th, and they even provide ballpark figures for the initial run. They don’t name any sources, and I’m definitely not holding my breath on this one.

You Are Now Free To Pull My Finger – Thank goodness. My iPhone experience was significantly hampered when this app was pulled. Seriously, it’s a step in the right direction for the Draconian App Store rules of admission.

App Store Layout Changed – It may or may not be a response to Iconfactory developer Craig Hockenberry’s open letter, but it seems to make some improvements in the ways apps are organized, and which get highlighted. We’ll see if it actually affects buying habits in the longer term.