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Lycos Europe Opts For Liquidation,

Lycos Europe shareholders voted to liquidate the business at an extraordinary general meeting at a hotel in Amsterdam this morning. They also nodded through management’s strategy to sell its domain registration business, shopping portal and Danish website as going concerns. Shareholders will get

2 Responses to “Lycos Europe Opts For Liquidation,”

  1. price of share from $24 in 2000 now dropping to $0.16 means only one thing, bad management and over price on sales, recession will only makes thing worse, Lycos Europe has lost money for years, should of fix their problem long ago, when recession arrives, everything is too late to fix

  2. This is a sad story :(

    My website is hosting by Lycos, they for-warned us last week through e-mail that this might happen. Just had to break the news to my forum members, my site's been through a lot as it is recently without this.

    Damn recession.