Hands-On Mobile Lays Off Undisclosed Number Of Employees


Hands-On Mobile, the San Francisco-based mobile game maker known for Guitar Hero and Texas Hold ‘Em, confirmed today that it cut an undisclosed number of employees. CEO David White declined to say how many people were affected during the cuts, or how many employees the company will have going forward.

However, White was quick to explain that the cuts were made for different reasons than the ranks of other game makers that have trimmed their workforces recently. He said while most of the game makers are seeing revenues fall, that’s not true at Hands-On Mobile. Rather, White said they trimmed their workforce to more properly align itself with the size of the organization. For more than a year, the company has been working to spin-off its international divisions, and has successfully sold its European, Korean and Beijing offices. EA bought the company’s Korean business for $29 million in cash; Hands-On spun-off and invested in its European division; and the Beijing office was sold through a management buy-out.

White: “Globally, where we cease to have a presence anymore, we have no more revenues, but in markets where we continue to compete, we


F.U. DavidWhite

I take it from your comment that you still have a job, Orville. Perhaps you missed the part where douche White says the company is doing well and not affected by the recession? White is a scumbag wall street insider that can shove his canary up his coal mine! Any one at that meeting knows what I mean. :)


layoff-ing mass number of employees is only a part of recession, it is need in order to survive the company, hope you can understand that

D. Kranzler

I'm available to invest another $20 million! We've got this all figured out now.

not important

if hands-on isnt buying into a publisher again they will fail. They never realized how to develop games. They still dont know what the whole business is all about. They need a good management team and a good developer but all cost money and that is something they dont have.


Jay-son, your comment doesn't really make sense because you can say that about any company. If Midway didn't have Mortal Kombat, if Microsoft didn't have DOS, if Google didn't have a search engine. In the beginning every company obviously has some product that keeps them from going under. And if you think Hands-on is so irrelevant, then way did you even read the article and spend the time posting in the comments?

Micheal T

Phil Kegley, you are getting a bit stalk-ish, you seem to post on every Hands on mobile post; mydol is not always bad.

Can someone name a mobile games publisher that has not fired people? I know Phil can't, cause he has some stalker action going on.


Agree.. these guys are non-factors… This Management team is a joke.

They will be dead by April. Can't blame anyone else anymore!!!! Great Karma!!!



Why are we even giving Hands On the time of day? When was the last time the were relevant? If it wasn't for those two titles, they would have been out of business years ago.


Changing names, getting new CEO, blooding more funds, wont change anything. Real changes need to be in place, all companies get tested during the recession, but only the good ones get to survive


Yes, 50%, 100 or so, from 2 floors down to 1/2 floor in SF.
So next steps are: name change, hire a new CEO, if possible from AOL, raise money (from where?) … LOL


Agree that's all bs spin. White won't disclose the number of layoffs b/c it's over 50%.

Phil Kegley

The parallels are so UNCANNY its worth another comment. Mr. CEO…..are the "Economic Fundamentals" of Handson truly sound? HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Phil Kegley

ASTONISHING – that spin rivals McCain's backtracking when blubbering about the "Economic fundamentals" being sound…..

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