Condé Nast Shutters Blog Net Tied To Beauty Mags

Last week, Condé Nast said it was suspending new website launches due to economy’s tailspin. Now, it is closing a blog network tied to Glamour, Allure and Self, Mediaweek reported. The blogs being disbanded include skin care adviser Product Fiend, weight loss site Elastic Waist, and sex-focused Daily Bedpost. Mediaweek says the “little known” blogs were created by Susan Kaplow, CN’s director of syndication and development. The blogs were designed to have a subtle connection to CN’s mags, with their own individual look and feel. All the while, they would link heavily back to CN’s mag sites. In the meantime, it doesn’t appear that they will be missed by many. Bedpost averaged about 100,000 monthly uniques, which is the lowest amount a site can have to be tracked by comScore; the other two sites did not meet comScore’s required measurement level.