BlogHer Cuts Payments To Bloggers By 10 Percent

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The well-funded BlogHer women’s network is cutting the revenue share for its more than 2,500 blogs by 10 percent effective Jan.1. According to a memo posted by AllThingsD, the current revenue share based on 100 percent gross advertising fees will drop to 90 percent. In the memo, BlogHer’s founders Elisa Camahort Pagem, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone explain that the increased size of the network means more operating costs. The 10 percent being lopped off the rev share will cover “sales commissions, costs associated with serving the advertisements, administrative third party fees, campaign referral fees and other miscellaneous administrative expenses.” No fees will be taken for remnant inventory. BlogHer raised a $5 million second round of funding this summer led by Peacock Equity and previous investor Venrock.

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never knew blogs could be affected by the recession so much, but this melt looks like is seriously hurting every body apart from some majot industry like gaming and sex.

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