Webby Award Winners Say “Submit!”

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Say you’re a creator pondering whether or not to enter the Webby Awards this year. After all, if you win you get a shiny trophy and you get to go to a really good party — and it’s also one of the most prestigious possible awards for Internet content out there. But money is money, most especially this year — so who would you choose to ask about whether or not the experience is worth the entry fee: $195 for the Online Video categories (with a $70 discounts available)?

People who have already won Webbys, clearly. So this year the Webby Awards reached out to five previous winners: College Humor’s Jake and Amir, Tony vs. Paul, the It’s Jerry Time creators, Barely Political, and the You Suck At Photoshop creators (to be released Friday) — to create PSAs encouraging submissions. The videos are rolling out all week on the official Webbys Tumblr blog, and you can watch the first four in the series below. Watching them won’t magically make the cost of entry appear in your pocket — but they will serve to remind you that if you’re chosen as a nominee, you’ll be in very good company.

Jake and Amir from Webby Awards on Vimeo.

Tony vs. Paul vs. Webby from Webby Awards on Vimeo.

It’s Webby Time! from Webby Awards on Vimeo.

Mission: Webby from Webby Awards on Vimeo.

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