Quanta demonstrates “look ma, no hands!” touch capabilities for Windows 7

2_rAlthough it’s just an early beta, Windows 7 shows much promise and desirable features. One of this is the integrated support for multi-touch control and some hardware manufacturers are wasting no time in taking advantage of touch. Even when there’s no smudgy touching at all. Take Quanta, for example.

DigiTimes says that at WinHEC Taipei, the company demonstrated their magical, mystical Optical Touch technology. Instead of using a touchscreen display to accept touch commands, Optical Touch relies on two web-cams to watch your roving palms and then interpret the commands right into the operating system. The cameras are placed on the top corners of a display and support standard cursor movement as well as image rotation and screen zooming. Someone use two fingers to pinch me when I can wave my hand across the screen on a Sunday afternoon and have a pint automatically appear while I watch football.

Curious to get a glimpse of how this might work? Check the Microsoft Research efforts on video that we highlighted in the not-so-distant past for a similar implementation. Still no beer though.


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