Om Talks Bebo, EA, Netflix on Yahoo TechTicker

[qi:032] Sarah Lacy was kind enough to invite me onto her show, “Yahoo TechTicker,” this week. We talked about a lot of stuff, including Bebo, the future of online advertising, Electronics Arts and Netflix. Below are some bullet points. Click on the links to watch the videos:

  • Bebo launches a redesign; does it matter?: AOL bought a Corvette, put a new coat of paint on it and now wants everyone to believe they bought a Porsche. Facebook has won this race!
  • Does EA have the economy to blame, or itself?: It’s reliant on big, expensive Hollywood-style games, instead of more nimble social, mobile or Wii games. In other words, “We give them too much credit for being smart just because they are big.”
  • Why I like Netflix: The company understands that it’s in the business of delivering entertainment in the cheapest way — postal service today, broadband tomorrow. In our recessionary times, it is an affordable option.
  • Online ad networks — how bad will it get? Very bad, and yes that impacts us as well.

All videos are available on the Yahoo TechTicker web site if you’re interested in watching me pontificate about this stuff.


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